Personal Wants and Needs

Missionaries often feel a bit selfish asking for gifts of food or personal items. We feel we ought to be sacrificing and that includes in what we eat and how we relax (or don't). You've heard the term "comfort food" before? That is exactly what almost anything from America is, comforting. When I arrive home, often late at night, after a week away and 8 hours of travel, I find no food in the house. Grabbing a pouch of tuna salad and eating it right out of the pouch, or boiling up some water and dumping in a packet of pre seasoned pasta, is a real blessing.

I do believe that what can be purchased in country should be, for the sake of the economy, but there are at least a few things I haven't found here. Many of these items can be purchased on Amazon Smile, but they seem to be quite a bit more expensive there. So here is a personal shopping list along with a mailing address, should you be so inclined. Keep in mind that my history of homecoming seems to be once very two years so I try to order enough to last.


  • Jell-O Sugar Free Strawberry (I make this with orange juice, yummy) (30 or more)
  • Hormel Bacon bits (I love fresh vegetable salads with bacon bits) (3 Sam's Club size bags)
  • Ken's Steakhouse Country French salad dressing (Lite is okay too) (6 3)
  • Freshlike PETITE sweet peas (small cans, but LOTS of them) 
  • Starkist tuna salad pouch (the kind with the mayo already mixed in, just spread it on bread for a sandwich) (20-30)
  • Pasta mixes/pouches (any flavor, any quantity)
  • Franco American Spaghetti O's w Meatballs (6)
  • Hunts Manwich Sauce (3)
  • Bush's Baked Beans w Brown Sugar (6)
  • Cereals such as Cheerios and Rice Chex (2)


Amazon Smile

Another great giving option is to check out my Wish List on Be sure to let me know if you select an item or two so I can update the list.


The best time to gift these items is when I am Stateside. But sometimes circumstances prevent me from coming home, and so it is a real treat to ship these items. But shipping is expensive, so let's talk before you go to that expense so we can be sure to get the most important things packed up.

Ship to:

Surprised by Hope
464 Adaway SE
Ada, MI 49301


Leslie Mosher
PO Box 31326
Kampala, Uganda

(Last updated January 25, 2016)