100 Christmas Dollies: The Dolly Story

A shock of bright yellow hair stood up on this body-less dolly head gripped by the tiny one. My first international mission trip led me to, among other places, a small village in the hills behind Mityana, Uganda called Kyamagamule (cha-mah-gah-moo-lee). When I saw this dolly, my heart sank (read the original blog post). Dollies were an important part of my childhood—from fancy Madam Alexander to cuddly stuffed teddy bears. These friends were a shared interest between me and my mother, and so my playtime never lacked for mates.

Not surprisingly, my mother stood in the gap for this little girl and sent a huggable store-bought dolly (see the blog post) before it occurred to her that she might rather hand make a few dollies for the girls here (see the blog post). Her creativity and attention to detail knew no bounds. Her first effort resulted in an adorable, uniquely designed dolly girl that accompanied me with the store bought beauty back to this place in the hills. That next batch of dollies were wearing dresses made from my late husband’s dress shirts (see the blog post), which touched my heart deeply. I may have initially needed these dollies, and all the hugs that resulted, more than these girls did.

The dollies just kept coming; some even spent time in the Post Office prison (see the blog post). The stories and photos touched many hearts and you all began sponsoring dollies for me to give on your behalf. Eventually the requests were more than I could handle on an individual basis and in 2012 Surprised by Hope created the 100 Christmas Dolly program (see the How it Works page). That program not only provides a simple gift for children on Christmas, but the funds raised are invested in the church. Read more about how it all works on the Dolly home page.

More dolly posts exist than what I can even list, but rest assured they are all adorable. Join together in something big and something special. Sponsor a Christmas Dolly or two today.