100 Christmas Dollies: Child Recipients

Gifting children on Christmas day is perhaps one of my favorite things to do. Take a look at just a few of those happy faces and then read more about each story.

The children of Mountain of Glory Church in Marikebuni, Kenya received 100 Christmas Dollies in 2013. The children gathered for their story time and gift receiving ceremony with just a few dollies leftover who were distributed on the nearby beaches of coastal Kenya.
The children of Grace Abundance Church in Watamu, Kenya received 100 Christmas Dollies in 2014. Only 30 or so children attended that church and so they were each sent out to bring one other child back in each hand. This Christmas gift was given across all faith systems after hearing the Nativity story and enjoying a giant Christmas dinner.

The children of Victory Christian Fellowship in Barrio, Uganda received 100 Christmas Dollies in 2015. They made quite a procession out of that wonderful gift giving day. Gathered under the tree, and out of the hot sun, we shared the Nativity story and reminded the children to thank Jesus for his gift.

The children of PEMA Church in Mjanaheri, Kenya received 100 Christmas Dollies in 2016. They filled the former tiny mud church structure to overflowing as we shared the Nativity story and enjoyed a lovely goat dinner for Christmas.

The children of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Hadu, Kenya received 100 Christmas Dollies in 2017. The children filled the existing church to overflowing further solidifying their need for expansion. We shared the Nativity story and a great big meal with lots of fruit for Christmas.

If you would like to sponsor a dolly:
What will Surprised by Hope do?
  • Provide a Christmas meal for church families.
  • Share a child-sized story of the Nativity.
  • Match one dolly per child from that church.
  • Send you a picture of the child with your sponsored dolly.
  • Provide materials to the church for their building project.
  • Post follow up stories as the construction proceeds.