100 Christmas Dollies: Select Your Dollies

Every year Surprised by Hope looks for pastors and church leaders who attended our Kingdom Business workshops and applied what they learned toward building their church. Their work is evidenced by a united and contributing church body, an already-in-progress project, and an ability to articulate how their learning was applied. This means that church members are motivated to grow their church even without us and that our gift is only a small portion of the overall provision.

In preparation for that gift, we provide local tailors with dolly orders thereby giving them all the opportunity to earn a little extra money for their families. On Christmas day, we celebrate with the selected church body by sharing the Word, enjoying a Christmas meal, and giving a dolly gift to 100 children of that church and community. Shortly thereafter we meet the pastor in town to purchase all they need to bring their church to the next phase of construction.

Your $25 sponsorship provides work for tailors, helps build a church, and gives a meal and a gift to East African children on Christmas. Following our Christmas gift giving, we will send you a photo of the dolly you sponsored along with its new mommy or daddy. All we ask is that you pray for that child and that church throughout the year. What other gift gives is so many important ways? Join together with others to bring this blessing to an East African church family.

Dolly 1

Dolly 2

Dolly 3

Dollies 4, 5, 6, 7

Dolly 8

Dolly 9

Dollies 10, 11

Dollies 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Dolly 17

Dolly 18

Dolly 19

Dollies 20, 21, 22

Dolly 23

Dollies 24, 25

Dolly 26

Dolly 27

Dolly 28

Dollies 29, 30, 31, 32

Dolly 33

Dolly 34

Dolly 35

Dollies 36, 37, 38, 39

Dollies 40, 41, 42, 43

Dolly 44

Dolly 45

Dolly 46

Dollies 47, 48

Dolly 49

Dolly 50

Dolly 51
Dollies 52, 53

Dollies 54, 55

Dolly 56

Dolly 57

Dollies 58, 59

Dolly 60
Dollies 61 and 62

Dollies 63 and 64

Dolly 65

Dolly 66

Dolly 67

Dolly 68

Dolly 69

Dollies 70 and 71

Dollies 72 and 73

Dollies 74 and 75

What should you do?

What will Surprised by Hope do?
  • Provide a Christmas meal for church families.
  • Share a child-sized story of the Nativity.
  • Match one dolly per child from that church according to the number sponsored.
  • Send you a picture of the child with your sponsored dolly.
  • Provide materials to the church for their construction project.
  • Post follow up stories as construction proceeds.